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We have been inspired by the wealth and harmony of the gifts of Mother Nature. We have harnessed the gamut of our own gifts, focusing on progress through research and with the help of technology, never losing sight of the heritage entrusted to us, or the wisdom of nature’s laws.

We believe in the purity of the ingredients and gifts of love that we’ve experienced ourselves as children, and wished in turn to pass them on, just as we received them, to you.



With our two pure and established products as a base, rosewater and rose oil, we have created a range of daily face and body care products. Their ingredients, same as the ingredients of all our products, are derived from organically produced plants. 



For us, the Tsolakis family, the cultivation of roses is a continuing journey of research and unexpected discovery. We would be very pleased to share the secrets of the rose and its gifts with you, to give you a tour of our facilities and to show you our products, exclusively found here. Just as our relationship with Mother Mature is sincere, likewise we aspire to relate to you. Do not hesitate to contact us or to visit whenever you wish.

Rose Hand-Cream with Organic Rosewater 75ml
Bio Rose Tea Petals 20gr
Rose Face Peeling with Organic Rosewater  75ml
Rose Eye Cream with Organic Rosewater 30ml
Gentle After Shave Cream with Organic Rosewater 50ml
Rose Night Cream with Οrganic Rosewater 50ml
Rose Hair Mask with Organic Rosewater 500ml
Rose Shampoo with Organic Rosewater 250ml
Rose Hydrating Spray for face & body 100ml
Rose Body Moisturizing Emulsion with Organic Rosewater 200ml
Bio Rose Tea-Bags
Venus Rosewater for cleansing face & body 200ml
Rose Face Serum with Organic Rosewater 30ml
Rose Day Cream with Organic Rosewater 50ml
Rose Hair Mask with Organic Rosewater 250ml
Rose Face Mask with Organic Rosewater 75ml

The Rose of Damascus (Rosa Damascena)

   roses in bag

    A bush with resilient branches, the flower with the 30 petals, this rose bush is also called ‘mirodati’ (odoriferous) and ‘oreitiki’ (mountainous) is known officially as the Rose of Damascus and belongs to the Rosacea family. It reaches a height of 1,5 – 2 metres tall, its leaves are composite, egg-shaped and piliferous on the underside. The thorns are particularly dense, the twin buds have a pale pink colour and the flower has a particularly strong fragrance. It blossoms in April/May. As in all the Mediterranean countries, the Rose of Damascus grows in bush lands, at the edges of roads and in Agros at the foot of mountains, protected from strong winds and ice.

Rose damascus


  It is May in Agros and Mother Nature is orchestrating her symphony. The buds of the Rose of Damascus have not yet opened completely. Maria Tsolakis and the workers have prepared for harvesting. An unforgettable, if backbreaking day lies ahead. They are up at dawn, as is everyone involved in the harvesting of the roses. For one kilo of rose petals, 400 – 500 roses have to be picked. Harvesting lasts between 20 and 25 days. At the Tsolakis plantation, roughly between 27,000 and 30,000 roses are hand picked per day. This is done before the sun heats them up, causing their fragrance to evaporate. The roses have to be placed in the cauldron for distillation as soon as possible. Harvesting has the sweetness of a festival, where friends are present, and where acquaintances and strangers are welcome. If you are at Agros in May, do come and pick roses with us.